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Adrienne Shum & David Quiring

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Course Creator

Adrienne Shum

As a career yoga teacher for over a decade, Adrienne practises and presents yoga as a structure for cultivating deeper gratitude, intelligence, and generosity. Her yogic studies are complemented by certification as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor and a Master’s degree in Food Science. Her quest is to support others in personal and collective well-being.

Course Creator

David Quiring

David is a lifelong student and sometimes teacher of meditation and yoga - a complement to his life as a multimediographer and computer scientist. He has trained under Paul Grilley, Michael Stone, and Jonathan Austman, and currently studies with the Upaya Zen Centre. He is devoted to sharing the practice that he continues to uncover with others, in pursuit of wakefulness and being active participants in the world we build together.

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    Pandemic Practice Experience: A Library of Yoga Practices for Weird Times

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    Waking Up With Mindfulness: A 28-Day Immersion

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    A Bridge Between: Sound as an Object of Meditation

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