Welcome to Waking Up With Mindfulness, a 28-day immersion delving into the foundational practices of meditation. 

This course is designed to introduce the meditation-curious to simple, sustainable practices, while also offering support to those with previous experience.

Practising mindfulness meditation can offer many personal benefits. Mental stability, emotional regulation, resilience, compassion...these are a few of the positive qualities we can cultivate through this work on our cushions that helps us as individuals and extends beyond to our communities at large.

Each day, tune in for a 20-minute video of Adrienne unpacking the how’s and why’s of mindfulness, and engage in the guided practice. While this course is designed to be done over 28 consecutive days, you will be granted 60 days of access (starting on the date of purchase) to accommodate for life’s hiccups.

Each week contains a theme that builds on the previous lessons; by the end of the course, gain the tools and confidence to carry on with your own practice.

Course Overview

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Your Instructor

Course Creator

Adrienne Shum

As a career yoga teacher for over a decade, Adrienne practises and presents yoga as a structure for cultivating deeper gratitude, intelligence, and generosity. Her yogic studies are complemented by certification as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor and a Master’s degree in Food Science. Her quest is to support others in personal and collective well-being.


What people are saying about this course

Didn’t want it to end

J Conrad

“This was wonderful. Of all the meditations that I’ve attempted, this is the first time that I didn’t want it to end. I’ve always had difficulty in getting through guided meditations. Adrienne has a special way of drawing me into a calm state, helping me focus on the right things...Thank you for this.”


Jason F

"Wow, the audio is just exemplary. So impressed!"

A habit!

Nat F

"Your meditation series got me into a habit! It’s the first time I’ve done an almost daily practice ever! [As a musician] I have a lot of performance anxieties, but I took some moments throughout my set to hear your voice and come back to my breath."

Less anxiety

Mel S

"After having gotten COVID, I’ve had a lot of anxiety. These meditations are really helping. Adrienne has the most soothing voice."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course begins upon the date of purchase. The course material is designed to be completed over a timeframe of 28 days, but you will be granted access for 60 days to allow you to find your own pace.

  • How long are the practices?

    When you sit down to engage in the course material, expect to devote 20-30 minutes each time to enjoy the video’s talk, guided meditation, and other content.

  • What tools do I need?

    You will need a meditation cushion or yoga bolster to sit on, or you can sit in a chair. If you’d rather lie down, a blanket and pillow can make it more comfortable. You’ll also need a wifi/data connection.

  • How can this improve my life?

    We only get to experience the various benefits of mindfulness - such as greater focus, patience, and stability - if we actually engage in the practice. Let experience be your teacher; with Adrienne’s gentle guidance, discover for yourself how this technique can bring benefit to your life.